Monday, April 1, 2013

The Challenge

Photo by Madi McNair 2009

It’s time.

Time to get beyond this writer’s block I have and get this blog rolling again. 

We are fast approaching 50,000 hits (318 to go!!); we are closing in on the one year mark since Michael’s accident, and I suspect that will hold some significance (even if I am not totally sure in what ways yet); and, if I am to continue to claim that things are back to “McNair” normal, writing here, sharing our exceptional lives, continuing to document our days is important to that normalcy, for me at least.

I miss this commitment…..miss giving myself permission to come here and write down the things that are rambling around in my head (and sometimes my heart)…..miss sharing the blessing every day is for us.  So much from the last year continues to pop into my head as something I want to document, for me and for the kids, and for anyone else that might feel blessed by it.

So, with that, I am challenging myself.

A post a day for the month of April.

Something….anything…..but writing and sharing and moving onto this next stage of our lives together.

It’s time.

So bear with me. Not sure exactly how this goes, but I am committing myself to it. Please hold me accountable!!


  1. Good job! I promise to read each post :)

  2. Trusting your spirit was renewed by the miracle of Easter and the promise of each new day. May your faith be refreshed by the love and grace that surround and protect you always...and may your heart be blessed with new joys that blossom all through a beautiful springtime.


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