Monday, April 8, 2013

WC Day 7: Defying the Odds

Michael had a CT scan and xrays done on Friday. He is having some issues with his shoulders cramping up, and we are checking to make sure it’s not a nerve issue. The radiologist remembered him and shared that the last time she saw him he was still in a wheelchair and in his c-collar. It’s been a while!!

She went on to share that in her 14 years of doing this she has seen a few with a broken scapula (shoulder blade), but he is the first she has ever seen with both broken. When he shared this with me, it reminded me what I had read about broken scapula’s and I asked him if I had shared why it’s so rare? Unbeknownst to me, it is really tough to break your scapulas, and is almost always associated with a significant blunt force injury. The radiologists don’t see them often because the associated injuries are so severe, not many survive.

Just another reminder of the odds we defied last summer.

Michael said something this weekend I thought illustrated it well…..

He said he sometimes felt like we should be buying a lottery ticket every single day…..and being happy as hell when we didn’t win.

We have already won the best lottery there is to win…



  1. Wow, that's tough to fathom, but share in the lottery analogy, though really don't believe typical much applies to the M's family!

    1. Typical sure doesn't seem to be something we see much of!! Sometimes that's a really, really good thing!!


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