Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A {50 in 50} Update

It’s been far too long since I have updated on how we are doing on reaching the goals we set for ourselves way back at the beginning of the year….truth be told, I have been bad about looking at it and reminding myself what else we have to mark off!!  However, SOME of the items have been accomplished and it seems like a good time to update on them.

[X]1.    Accept (and even embrace) the fact that we have to be in Houston for medical care every other month this year.
as of 10/18 – WE DID IT!!!  We have made it a whole year and have only gone to Houston as scheduled, every other month.  We have appointments at the end of November and we can officially say we made it all the way through.  After 2 years of 12 visits each year, this is HUGE and has been a source of great relief.

 [ / ]3.    Help Chance in any way possible to fulfill his dream of having a band & playing a gig.
as of 10/18 – Chance was able to do band camp this summer, as well as a month of bass lessons.  In the works…a month of mandolin lessons and a month more of bass lessons before the end of the year.

[ / ]4.    Help Chance to find ways to “work”, even if only on a volunteer basis.
As of 10/18 – Chance continues to enjoy his service on the Youth Advisory Council at Cook Children’s and hopes to be able to do more there.  Several other volunteer applications are in hand and being worked on.

 [ / ]6.    Finalize plans for transportation in general for Chance.
As of 10/18 – We have the form in hand to get transportation arranged and will have it set up very soon!!  Chance is looking forward to getting himself around town on his own, as is his mom.

[ / ]7.    Make our home the one we all want it to be….purge it all, pretty it up, & party like it’s 1984.
As of 10/18 – very much still a work in progress, but big things are happening here…more on this soon.

[ / ]8.    Find a way for Chance to take guitar lessons monthly at least.
See #3 above.

17.    Find a way for Abby to travel to Wichita Falls and spend time with our Mammaw this summer.
As of 10/18 – One of those times when your heart hurts that you didn’t make something happen as you had hoped…..which is exactly why we made this list in the first place.  Sadly we were not able to make this happen this summer, and as of last week Mammaw is now here in town after breaking her hip in a fall in August.  While her house is still there, we are now in the process of getting it ready to sell and the possibility of any of my kids getting their week there during the summer, like their father did, is gone. L

[X]26.    Plan a “Get-A-Way” a quarter for the family.
As of 10/18 – Our final adventure of the year is going to be Mito Camp just outside Houston at the end of this month, and we are looking very forward to it!!  We will miss the old man, but are happy to have my mom along for the adventure.

[ / ]27.    Find our “center”, AKA Balance again.
As of 10/18 – getting there!!!

[X]29.    Attempt to get as many appointments scheduled, for as far out as possible, so we at least know when & where we need to be as far out as possible.
As of 10/18 – By June we had virtually all our appointments for the year scheduled!!!  It has made a HUGE difference in how we have all been feeling about what needs to be done.  Even when changes have had to be made, some control over it all has been felt.

[X]32.    Find ways to raise the funds needed for our adventures in Seattle.
As of 10/18 – WE DID IT!!  No….you all did it!!  Thanks to a bunch of amazing people we were able to fully fundraise for our trip to Seattle.  It was amazing and we are blessed beyond words.

[ / ]35.    Get our finances more in order (Dave Ramsey or the like).
As of 10/18 – We have actually done pretty well all year.  Need to get through our current adventure and then the holidays, but it’s feeling like we are going to get through a year in pretty good shape….finally!!

[X]36.    Work on transitioning Chance as he nears 18 in July.

[ / ]37.    Stay on top of the vast amount of paperwork that comes into the house weekly.
As of 10/18 – I have determined this will ALWAYS be a work in progress, but I have gained at least some control over it all this year, and for this, I am thrilled.

Six more items I could completely strike through, and eight more that we have some kind of update on.  NOT BAD!!

Still a lot left to do, including some kind of celebration for Chance on turning 18, and Miss Madi’s birthday is already around the corner too….the big 15!! 

I don’t know that we will finish, or even work on all the items on this list before the end of the year (let’s face it, the end of the year is almost here), and while I am disappointed, I am proud of what this list allowed us to get done…..excited about this as a tool to remember the day to day things that really do need our focus sometimes.  Needless to say, there will be another “50 in 50” for next year, with some of the items being the same as this year, but I have no doubt, also including some new goals to reach for.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!!!
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