Thursday, May 17, 2012

It only takes a second for your world to change forever

This was not the post I was supposed to be struggling with tonight.  This was supposed to be the post about how this little blog has reached the milestone of 25,000 views, and an opportunity to share the other milestone in our lives....the amazingness of our 10th Wish Night.  I was supposed to be sharing that Madison has seen some stability as of late, something we all desperately needed to see, and that Chance had the opportunity to be a part of the new Teen Room opening at Cook Childrens where both Troy Aikman and Garth Brooks were in attendence for the dedication.  It was supposed to be a happy post.

Life changes in a moment.

Tuesday morning about 11:30, my dearest husband was riding his bicycle back towards home when he was struck by a vehicle, not two miles from our house.  Other than the location of the accident, we still have no information on what happened.

What we do know is what the aftermath is, and will be for some time.  Michael has a laceration to the back of his head, some mild bleeding on the brain, a broken neck (thank you Lord, no paralysis), all the ribs on the left side are violently broken, the left lung was punctured, his lower back is broken, his spleen is lacerated and the artery that feeds the spleen was "leaking", his pelvis is broken in multiple places, and his left hip was broken. Thus far they have repaired the leaking artery and the hip....still potentially to come, the pelvis and ribs surgically repaired, and more information on the neck injury.....and lots of time for healing.  He is currently in ICU on a ventilator, but vitals are staying stable.

We are SO lucky......

as always, he was wearing his helmet and it no doubt saved his life.

the 150+ miles of riding every week for the last 7 years is going to make his ability to recover from this devestation possible.  I am convinced of it, even if the doctors don't seem so sure.

his bull headed stubborness and obsession with riding will make this recovery possible.  The doctors just don't know who they are dealing with yet.

we have the most amazing friends, family & work-family who are literally holding us up through this time.

We are early into this latest journey and I am not stupid enough to not realize there will be hard days heart hurts, literally, thinking about them.  Right now though....right now I just want to hear his voice and see his eyes open looking at me.

Those amazing friends I mentioned above are already at work to help us get through this time.  In the coming days we will get together a calendar for things we need help with, from meals to whatever else we can come up with (any ideas are appreciated, my brain is still not up to speed yet), and as of this evening a dear friend set up a ChipIn account to help with any financial strain we might face in the immediate future at  Until I am able to consistently update here, there will be updates on the ChipIn page if your not on Facebook with me and able to follow along.

The kids are showing us (again) how amazingly strong they are.  All three dealing with it in different ways, but dealing with it so very effectively.

Please keep Michael in your prayers in the coming days, weeks and months.  I know my man....he is amazing and strong and resilient, but this will test him and I both...perhaps more than we have ever been tested before (and thats saying a lot!!).  Thanks to all that have already been here for us, and for those that will hold my precious husband in their prayers.

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