Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in the Saddle & Leaning In

I wanted to be a part of a group of bloggers writing something every day for November, but alas, here I am, 10 days in and it hasn’t happened. My intentions were good, but I knew with the month starting off  in Houston for appointments for a week, it wasn’t likely to happen. Let’s face it, intentions are only half of what it takes to accomplish something. I need the motivation though, and am still going to try to make a stab at publishing on more days than not for the rest of the month. Lord knows, it’s not from a lack of experiences to share!!

I am missing my time here. I am missing the chance to “get it out” and move on. I am missing the chance to share some of the really awesome things happening for our family. So here we go.

Although my inclination, at moments, is to run away, I am instead, leaning in.

Leaning in to finding a solution to our medical coordination woes.

Leaning in to enjoying the fun things we have happening, almost as often as the "not fun" things, and to the precious people in our lives that make them possible.

Leaning in to finding a balance again in our lives. Working real living in AROUND our medical lives is NOT the way this works best!

Leaning in to our volunteer opportunities, and making them as much a priority as all the rest, because they really MEAN something in our lives, and others.

Leaning in to the learning that comes with new ways to help the kids medically, and praying for the time and energy to give them a chance to work.

Leaning in to the opportunity to share the knowledge we have gained after so many years in this medical world, and, God willing, leaving a legacy for others.

Leaning in to working on being the best mother/wife/sister/daughter/granddaughter/friend I can be. 

On this list of items worth leaning in to, is this blog. It's part of the balance thing. It's worth my time and energy. 

Silence very seldom means nothing is going on over here, and actually means quite the contrary.

Silence often means, you wouldn't believe it if I actually wrote it out!

Lots to update on....some awesome and amazing stuff, some not so fun stuff, and lots in between. 

Leaving you with much love and hugs. We are good...crazy busy, but good.

Just need to keep leaning in to this exceptional life we have been given!!

As the holidays approach, where are you finding the need to lean in?
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