Saturday, November 17, 2012

6 Months....

1st ride, Nov 15, 2012

As I watched Michael and Abby ride off into the sunset Thursday night, I couldn’t have been more excited. Such a milestone for Michael….for all of us really. We didn’t just survive the last 6 months since the accident, we LIVED, we had hope, we maintained optimism, we recovered, we were patient, and we loved….on each other and the many people in our lives that have stood by us, and at times, carried us.

Thursday was a HUGE milestone in this journey.

When Michael & Abby arrived back 30 or so minutes later, I walked out back and it was then, seeing the look of pure joy and happiness on Michael’s face, that I got choked up and cried a little as I put my arms around him and just stayed there for a while.  They were tears of joy, not of worry or concern, and honestly until that moment, I wasn’t for sure how I was going to feel when this day arrived in that respect.

It’s been asked, more than once, how I was feeling about Michael being back on his bike. Was I scared, worried, fearful, etc..

My logical side didn’t think so…..well, at least that I wasn’t going to be MORE worried or scared than I ever had been. I am not na├»ve…I have been aware of the risks all along….but in all honesty, I have always been just as worried about him in a car as I have been with him on a bike. The risks exist there too, but it’s tough to really LIVE if you spend your days worrying about things like this.

Emotionally though, I just couldn’t say for sure. Emotions just don’t play by logics rules.

I could tell you with no qualms that being back on the bike is exactly where Michael should be. I have been saying that since the day of the accident…..have advocated for him to have the ability to do so even. How I was going to FEEL though was something that I couldn’t know.

It felt GOOD… felt RIGHT…..and my tears were truly tears of joy and relief to finally see this day. Not even a twinge of fear slipped into that moment, and I am grateful for that.

At the six month mark, I can confidently say that we are all thriving. Michael is back at work full time and has been for almost a month now. We have continued to get released by his doctors, one by one, and in December we will see three more for the last time. By the start of the New Year we will be left with only ONE doctor we didn’t have before the accident, his shoulder orthopedic, and we have high hopes of getting rid of him (as nice as he is) early next year. Michael is walking completely unaided, is dealing with minimal pain, and felt really good on the bike Thursday night.  He has reconditioning to do of course, but what better way than on the bike!!

Mito Family Camp 2012
Life here at home is also getting back to “McNair Normal”, which translates as BUSY and FUN!! We have had some amazing adventures as of late, have had the chance to love on a bunch of our friends and family, and we are embracing living life to its fullest every chance we get. I promise some more posts about all that’s been transpiring over here soon. Suffice for now to say, life continues to be exceptional, and we are incredibly blessed.

Getting ready to ride 11/15/12

Thank you ALL for your thoughts, prayers and support. I simply cannot say this enough….

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