Friday, February 15, 2013

Go Change the World

Text from Michael

Last month we had the “pleasure” of  driving through Plano to get to our destination.  Driving through Plano, the city Michael grew up in, means hearing stories of Michael’s childhood.  While a quaint idea in theory, the kids and I have heard most of these stories, on more than one occasion. Somehow hearing the same story for the 3rd, 4th or 100th time isn’t quite as entertaining as it was the first time it was shared. Add in that our children are full fledged teenagers, with an attitude that sometimes matches that status, and there is no need to share the groaning I was hearing from the back of the van.  I think this time Abby just flat out, repeatedly, told him to please stop!!

I have to admit, I still get a kick out of some of the stories (I emphasize SOME just so my sweet husband doesn’t get the idea that I love hearing them all, over and over again or anything like that…LOL). And ever so often, I hear one I either hadn’t heard before, or had somehow forgotten. Those are often the gems of the day.

Listening to my husband share his childhood antics, there is one prevailing theme that comes to the forefront……it is AMAZING that my husband survived childhood!!! I am serious.  The close calls are many.  And I do mean MANY. Hearing several of these stories back to back on this particular trip, while at the same time still emotionally dealing with our adventures of last summer, a thought suddenly occurred to me…..

While we have been contemplating the greater purpose my husband has here on this earth to have survived last summer, the truth is, we kind of should have already KNOWN he has some greater purpose for the numerous times the dear man has cheated death in his life time!!  I mean seriously!!

As I said those words out loud, to a car full of agreement from our children (and probably Michael himself), Chance hollered up from the back of the van, “Yeah Dad, you are clearly supposed to CHANGE THE WORLD!!”.

As we laughed, and agreed, Michael grabbed his phone and asked Siri to remind him to “Change the world”.  Now, every day at 9am, his phone alarms and reminds him of his purpose here in this crazy world.

I like it.  Maybe something we ALL should remind ourselves to do as we hurry through our day trying to get it all done.  Just imagine the effect it could have!!

Life here at home has settled into a nice, normal (okay, McNair Normal) pattern.  The life we essentially put on hold last May has returned and we are all just trucking along.  We are so insanely grateful for this, while marveling that it’s even possible, and at the same time, I at least, wonder if we can possibly ever be grateful ENOUGH.

There continue to be a few “firsts” since the accident, with the latest being our first return trip to Houston for the kids to see their doctors since last April.  A trip typically made every other month, all year long, so as you can imagine, we are in serious catch up mode there (and every where else).  We had appointments from Tuesday to Friday and we were able to get 3 tests and 8 appointments taken care of on this trip.  We head back in March for another week.  The appointments resulted in some tweaks to care, but overall it was a positive visit.  More importantly, we got to see some of our friends and family while we were there, and that made the trip down awesome….as it always does.  Our Houston family took good care of us!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember to……
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