Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WC Day 16: Prayers for Boston

I have been watching some of the coverage from the tragic events of yesterday in Boston. These kinds of things always hit hard, but somehow they are harder for me now. The heroism is more glaring too though. 

I know this has been shared all over FB, but I also know it made me stop for a moment and find some peace in this tragedy.

Finding the helpers.

We can only watch so much, but I happened to catch one of the trauma surgeons speaking yesterday.  It took me back, and as I watched him answer questions, I thought of Michael’s trauma surgeons, and how incredible these doctors are.

I don’t know about anyone else, but before Michael’s accident I had no idea this specialty existed…..and I was pretty sure I knew just about every specialty that exists, and that we have seen almost all of them. I had, thankfully, never had the need to meet a trauma surgeon before.

All I can say is WOW. These doctors are amazing. They are on the front lines, making life and death decisions, over and over and over again. For more than a month I watched as they came in each day and pondered my husband and what he needed. Determined what tweaks could and should be made, contemplating all the different factors coming into play, and being prepared to make more changes at a moments notice. I had no idea that there was not a herd of specialists dealing with their own area, but that there was ONE doctor who had to know enough about everything to make split second decisions that could mean the difference between someone living and dying.

They are incredible doctors, doing a job I cannot even imagine.

My thoughts and prayers are with the trauma doctors there in Boston. They are with the ICU nurses caring for those critical patients. They are with each and every person that has been touched by the events of yesterday.

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