Thursday, April 11, 2013

WC Day 10: Our World…..& Surgery

In an ideal world, I would be sleeping right now. In an ideal world, I would not be busy prepping for Madison to have surgery in the morning, and packing for at least a few days inpatient (in order to ensure we are only there for one). In an ideal world, I would not be behind on my posting challenge here.

Ah, to live in an ideal world.

In our world….

I am up, but am hoping to get an hour or two of sleep before we have to head out.  A 3:15 wake up call comes WAY too early. Thankfully the parent beds at Cooks are actually pretty comfy, so I know I will sleep well tomorrow night.

I am trying to think of everything we need to take with us. Packing our clothes and toiletries is a no-brainer, but trying to make sure I have the medical supplies and equipment, some of which we will need, and some that we probably won’t but I need to have with us to be sure, is less straight forward. Very thankfully, we are not inpatient all that regularly, so I am rusty and worried I am forgetting something.

I have just finished updating summaries so I can make sure I can accurately go over Madison’s medication list, allergies, surgeries, etc and so on when we get there in the morning. Ya know, when I am going to be tired and need all the help I can get.

Included were summaries for Chance & Abby too, because they have an appointment with GI tomorrow. I will already be there, so we might as well keep the appointment!!  Besides, we have some stuff to talk to our favorite doctor about that really shouldn’t wait.

I have driven to Ft. Worth 5 times in the last 7 days, and am headed back in the morning.

No less than 6 different doctors on Madison’s team had to be contacted about the surgery tomorrow. Some with questions, and some to just let them know we would be there in case they are needed.

The call with anesthesiology lasted for almost an hour as we went over her history and I answered all their questions.

At the same time, in our world…..

I am grateful to be on the schedule first thing in the morning, even if it means little sleep and early wake up calls. First cases are rarely delayed; we can avoid fasting issues with Madison that otherwise might be a problem; and all are fresh and ready to go. It is always worth it to go this route for us.

I am insanely grateful that we are so seldom inpatient that I have to really think about what it is we need to take.

I am grateful that getting the kids summaries together and updated doesn’t take much time; and that I am able to accurately share the kid’s information because of them.

I am grateful for my mom, and all the help she gives us. If it were not for her, Chance & Abby would not be able to make it to their appointment tomorrow. She will be taking care of the crew at home for me, and I am so thankful!!

I am grateful for the doctors we were seeing the first three times we made the trek to Ft. Worth this last week; and that the other two times were so Chance and I could attend our advisory council meetings, and give back to this hospital that means so much to us.

I am grateful for all 6 of those doctors offices I called today. Each of them took the time to make sure we had what was needed, and to assure me they are there for us.

I am grateful for how thorough anesthesiology was today, and that they take the time to make sure they are safely caring for my child.

Our world…….it may not be “ideal”, but there is still an awful lot to be grateful for!!

Madison is on the schedule for surgery at 7:00am. I am off to finish up and get some sleep. I will update here tomorrow. Love & hugs to all!!

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