Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WC Day 2: The List

I am a list maker.

At times, I spend more time making the lists than actually working on the things that are listed.

However, without the list, I have no idea what I need to do or when.

The list is never ending and constantly being added to.  Sometimes at an overwhelming rate.

I have tried separating the lists…..medical, household, financial, etc and so on, in hopes of making the individual lists less overwhelming.

I never really feel like I make headway on the lists, even if I actually accomplish quite a bit.

Separated or together, there really is more to do than one person is capable of doing.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.

The lists are beckoning me…..making me tired….making me want to run away….and at the same time, making me want to sit down and start ticking things off the lists. 

I am working hard on LOTS of things, and failing at all of them to some degree.

I need to go…..the lists are calling.

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