Thursday, April 4, 2013

WC Day 4: “Accomplished!!” & A Madi Update

 A few weeks back, Madison and I were talking.  Actually, I was sitting on the couch looking at my phone and sighed out loud.  When Madi asked me what was wrong, I shared that I wanted to just sit for a few minutes and veg, but was feeling guilty because I had so much I needed to do.

As we talked, I started ticking off all that I had gotten done that day and the day before. I had made some calls, gotten some laundry done, and as I continued Madison started pumping her fist in the air as she yelled “ACCOMPLISHED!!” after each one I said. By the end of my list, I was doing the fist pump too, and actually feeling a little better about taking the break!!

Granted, we then took it to the silly…..I ate breakfast – ACCOMPLISHED!! I took a shower – ACCOMPLISHED!! Etc and so on. If only it was as silly as it sounds….some days I really do feel like it’s a major accomplishment when I manage to get some of these things done!!

What I came away with though, beyond the realization that sometimes even the small things are big accomplishments, is that I really do feel better, even if I am only just thinking “ACCOMPLISHED!!” in my head. Sometimes I am getting more done than I even realize…..and sometimes I am not, but need to keep cheering myself on.

It really is awesome… should try it!!

Thanks for the prayers for today’s appointment for Madison.  We saw our wonderful GI doctor this afternoon and have a plan of sorts.

He got to see the much improved abscess, that is honestly still pretty gnarly. His feeling is that we have multiple “tracts” that are likely connecting with the g-tube tract and it’s a mess. He’s again concerned we may lose this g-tube site altogether. However, as I shared with him, on our last visit with surgery we were told they almost never lose sites and can do a lot to maintain what we have. We shall see. He took some pictures, and I shared the ones I had taken a few days ago, and he was off to talk with our favorite surgeon to see if we could get her in soon.

We also discussed continuing antibiotic coverage since she is still clearly infected even after a 7 day course of Keflex. Since we got the culture yesterday, we are going to wait for it to grow and get sensitivities before starting our next round….hopefully tomorrow. Hate that we are running into a weekend with this!! Prayers that we get the information needed by tomorrow and can get her back on something ASAP is appreciated.

Finally, he ordered some labs to see if there was any sign that the infection has become systemic at all. I won’t be surprised one way or the other… a child that just doesn’t run fevers anymore, it’s super hard to know. We should have those results by Monday and see where we go from there.

Dr. O jumped right on things, and by the time we made it home I had a message to contact surgery to get her an appointment. I wasn’t sure how long it might take, so was pleasantly surprised when they said Dr. M can see her tomorrow afternoon!!

Ultimately, it appears that surgery will definitely happen, question is whether it will be a total closure of this g-tube site and creating a new one, or somehow getting the area around this one cleared up. Knowing our surgeon, Dr. M, I suspect we will have a plan tomorrow before we leave his office.

Not feeling it totally, but I am going to say it anyway since it might make me feel better about it all…….

(with a less than enthusiastic fist pump)

Stay tuned for the next installment in the g-tube saga……..

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