Saturday, April 6, 2013

WC Day 6: Walk for Wishes

9 years ago, my then 11 year old son spent a great deal of time thinking of ways that we could support Make A Wish. Each time we would go to visit the office, he would head straight for Berta’s office and begin sharing his ideas on ways to raise money for this organization that our family loves so much. Some were wild…..just ask Berta…..but others were pretty awesome and had some promise.  Berta was a SAINT for sitting and listening to my boy ramble on, and Michael and I love her for always giving the kids this time to share their ideas and thoughts.

On a particular occasion in 2005, my boy shared that he thought Make A Wish needed to have a walk of their own, not knowing it was something they had already started planning for the following year!! Erin, another precious part of our Make A Wish family, asked Chance to help plan it, and ultimately they chose my boy to be their first Wish Child Ambassador for the event!! I could not have been more proud watching my son speak publicly for the first time in front of hundreds of people the day of the walk. I am not sure there are many things he is more proud of either. It was an awesome day, and we continue to look forward to the walk each year.

We had a lovely morning supporting Make A Wish!!

 Seeing friends....

Walking with friends....

And celebrating our Wish Kids!!!
Wish Kids 2013

We were reminded, yet again, how blessed we are to have these people as family.

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