Monday, April 1, 2013

WC Day 1: Ideas

Help!!  If you will……I need ideas on things to write. 

Is there something you have been wondering about and dying to ask but just haven’t had the chance, or maybe even haven’t quite known how to go about asking? Now is your opportunity. 

Is there something about our family you are interested in? An organization we are involved in that you would like to know more about? Questions about Mitochondrial disease or how it affects our kiddo’s? More information about Michael’s accident and the aftermath? Our experience being a medically complex family? Our experience being a wacky, weird family?

I cannot think of anything off limits, although I will (as always) run anything written about the kids by them just to make sure they are okay with the content.

Some ideas for things to write about on my list:

I finally went through all the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest and started making them!!  We are about a month into this experiment and I am happy to say almost all the dishes have been a success. I am contemplating sharing some of our favorites here at our house with all of you. Foody Friday sounds like a possibility!

Some updating on the kids and how they are doing is definitely in order.

Recounting some of the awesome adventures we had last year.  It was a rough year (obviously), but there are some stories and pics to share of the good times too.

Some special needs related posts….need your ideas on this one!! I always said, as I struggled through the process that is being a special needs parent, that it is all worth it if I can share with others and save them from having to go through the same struggles I endured. In some ways I am far enough removed from it all that I have a hard time knowing what I could share that might be helpful, but if there is something you can think of, let me know.

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