Thursday, April 11, 2013

WC Day 11: Surgery Update

She is comfy
While it was a really (really, really) long day, it could not have gone any better!!

So many people have to come together to make something like this go so smoothly. When several go above and beyond, the comfort it provides my soul is pretty amazing.

Our surgeon heard my concerns about Madison’s poor healing and was able to acquire a relatively new, and very exciting product to use in hopes that it would help. It’s previously been used on much larger wounds, but when he approached his supplier with our situation, they agreed that it would be worth a try. We are all anxious to see how this goes, and will have some idea next week when we see our surgeon again for follow up.

They were able to arrange it so that we had our pain specialist handle anesthesia, meaning we had a familiar face this morning, who knows Madison’s history, and even better yet, came here from our hospital in Houston, so she knows our mito protocol inside and out. It was the easiest part of our morning, and that is not always the case.

Our nurses, in pre-op, recovery, and since we have been on the floor, have been awesome.

Several of our friends came by for a visit, and the noise coming from this room; from laughter, to singing; has been something else much of the day.

My mom saved my butt and was able to get Chance and Abby over here this afternoon for an appointment they needed to make it to, and is at the house helping out on that end until Madi & I can get home and relieve her. We could not do all we do without her!!

Madison was a trooper, as always, and showed no fear going into this.

Then the prayers really kicked in……

The area that needed to be excised was more manageable than we could have hoped for!! From what the surgeon tells me, it is a little larger than a quarter, and filled with the “pixie dust” (new product I referred to earlier), and now we just have to wait for it to heal.

Madison tolerated the anesthesia well. She woke up insanely chatty, and it was adorable!! 
She overall looks pretty good….a little strain on her body is showing, but it’s been very manageable……She got some extra fluids via IV, and that always makes her feel better…..and most remarkable…..

She hasn’t had ANY pain all day.

I don’t get it, but I am NOT complaining.

We should be out of here sometime tomorrow morning, and will be so happy to be home. In the meantime….I need sleep!!!

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