Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Things I Love (about Abby) Thursday}

What birthday is complete without a week of celebrating…..or a month….you know, whatever it takes!!!  With the craziness that is our life, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we really do actually somehow find ways to keep celebrating for as long as possible….just to get it all in somehow!!

I wanted to write more about Abby this week and it occurred to me today’s alliterative title could work as another chance to brag on my girl.

The Things I Love About My Abby-Gabby-Gooby-Girl
Wish Child Ambassador Wish 100 2009

Those expression filled eyes!!!  We teased at Halloween that the evil look she was giving as a zombie-prom-queen-jealous-runner-up were pretty much the same one she gives when she is unhappy with you…..she can make you cringe a bit!!

They are also the eyes that can express the deepest love and the greatest of joys.  People say the eye’s are the windows to the soul, and in the case of Miss Abby, I believe it.

Those freckles!!  Just a light sprinkling on the cheeks and over the bridge of her nose…..just enough to notice and make an impression.  I am so glad she shares them with me!!

Her passion!!  Every emotion and feeling, is felt passionately by this girl. There is never any question where she stands with something, nor that she will fight for what she knows is right.

Her leadership…comes naturally, and without being bossy.  I marvel at how other people follow her lead, and how effortlessly she does the leading. 

Her humor….the girl is FUNNY!!!  Her timing is amazing, and her ability to do impressions is pretty remarkable.  She has been, and always will be, the comedian of the group, and truly loves making others smile.

Her zest for life….is contagious!!  No challenge seems too daunting and she is willing to give it her all.  She is, I think, an adrenaline junky like her dad.

Her selflessness…is legendary!!  The first time I realized how deep and real it was, she was 5 years old and deciding what she wanted her Wish from Make A Wish to be.  She came to me and wanted to know if we could “go someplace snowy so Madi can play as much as she wants and not get too hot.”  As much as anything else, her wish was for her sister to be able to participate and not get sick….amazing.  She has continued to amaze me with her giving spirit.

Her sense of self/being different…..unafraid to be unique and creative with her life!!   LOVE IT!!

Her intelligence….smart as a whip, academically and otherwise.  She is the child I worry the least about being out there in this big, bad world.  She is street smart without having experienced being on the street. 

Her art…..I love sharing this passion with her, and so awe struck with the innate ability she has. 

Her strength……I could not be prouder of how she continues to work through her fears!!  Sometimes, feeling so deeply means so much of what our family deals with hits her the hardest.  I have watched her grow and find ways to cope over the years and while I wish I could take it all away for her, I am comforted knowing she is gaining needed skills for life.

Her spirit…..unique, deep, loving, intense, compassionate, sincere, selfless.

With each day, and every new challenge we face, I am continually inspired by the amazing young lady Abby is.  I am so very proud to be her mom!!!

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