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The Great Life Re-design 2011 Part III: "50 in 50"

I know, I know…..there is no part I & II yet…well, they are essentially written but still need some tweaks.  However, if I wait any longer, it will have to be "49 in 49" (which is just so much less catchy, right!!??), so decided to go ahead and post this part first and will follow up with the other two in the coming days.  This will make some sense on it’s own, but will REALLY make sense once I have a chance to post the further explanation, I promise!!

**Note: there is an update on the last couple of weeks at the bottom of this post**

And now, onto the blueprints for this re-design!!!

I sat down with the kids the other day (and still need to do so with my hubby) and we made a list of the things we want to do this year!!  This way we can then take them one by one and make PLANS for how to make them happen.  It will NOT all come off without a hitch, I get that....but at least we have the plan and can get back on it as things happen that make us get off schedule. 

I think we will call it “50 in 50”…..50 things we want to do this year in the 50 weeks we have left.  I like it!!!  So here they are:

“50 in 50”
(in no particular order)
1.    Accept (and even embrace) the fact that we have to be in Houston for medical care at least every other month this year.
2.    Finalize which accredited High School curriculum Chance will be using and get started on it.
3.    Help Chance in any way possible to fulfill his dream of having a band & playing a gig.
4.    Help Chance to find ways to “work”, even if only on a volunteer basis.
5.    Find the means & route for Chance to be able to visit friends in Houston at times when we are not there. (in other words, go alone)
6.    Finalize plans for transportation in general for Chance.
7.    Make our home the one we all want it to be….purge it all, pretty it up, & party like it’s 1984.
8.    Find a way for Chance to take guitar lessons monthly at least.
9.    Find out if it’s possible for Chance to work an additional week at Camp Korey as a LIT (assistant counselor) this summer in Seattle.
10.    Work diligently on our schedule to find balance.
11.    Determine a way that Abby can do more art work, perhaps take some lessons, and then find something meaningful to do with the finished pieces.
12.    Find the time to do things with friends, and most importantly, get it on the calendar.
13.    Find a church to attend, ideally one that has a strong teen program, and even more ideal, one that incorporates a lot of contemporary music that might afford Chance the opportunity to play. Work on our relationship with God and remind myself regularly to “Let Go & Let God”.
14.    Fund raise and build Team Pink in honor of Alexa for the 2011 Walk for Wishes. Fundraise for St. Baldricks in March.
15.    Re-assess and re-adjust time spent on the computer, phone & watching TV to be sure there is a healthy balance.
16.    Find a way for Madison to travel to Houston to spend time with my Aunt & Uncle this summer.
17.    Find a way for Abby to travel to Wichita Falls and spend time with our Mammaw this summer.
18.    Find ways to help Madison make something of her photography. Lessons maybe? Or just a mentor?
19.    Start a plan of walking daily for exercise & health.
20.    Refine everyone’s diet including protein intake with Madison, as well as hydration for all three.
21.    Put together a plan to “bless” people we know need a pick me up, with a tin of cookies the kids & I make through out the year.
22.    Plan awesome birthday parties for all three this year (BIG year with Abby turning 13, Chance 18, and Madison 15)
23.    Finally do our Will.
24.    Finish the process to get the kids back on MedicAlert
25.    Finish the “How To” book for the kids care and distribute one to my mom & the other for home.
26.    Plan a “Get-A-Way” a quarter for the family. Already on the schedule, Camp John Marc in March & Seattle/Camp Korey in August. Just need to find something for June & November now.
27.    Find our “center”, AKA Balance again.
28.    Plan monthly lunches with my Great Aunt & Great Uncle who both lost their spouses this last year.
29.    Attempt to get as many appointments scheduled, for as far out as possible, so we at least know when & where we need to be as far out as possible.
30.    Make the appointments that ~I~ need to make for me and get back on schedule with that.
31.    Re-examine our diets and find new meals to make that we can all enjoy & benefit from.
32.    Find ways to raise the funds needed for our adventures in Seattle.
33.    Keep mornings open, as much as possible, for school time.
34.    Make a daily & weekly schedule….and stick to it.
35.    Get our finances more in order (Dave Ramsey or the like).
36.    Work on transitioning Chance as he nears 18 in July.
37.    Stay on top of the vast amount of paperwork that comes into the house weekly.
38.    Be more organized/keep better notes regarding the kids medical care, in as concise a way as possible.
39.    Volunteer at Cooks & Make A Wish as much as possible.
40.    Help the kids reach their volunteer goals.

{{Follow our progress at the "50 in 50" link at the top}}

At this point, since I have neglected my husband, I will leave the last ten for him to fill in.

Clearly, some of these will be a year long effort, while others really can be ticked off in a weeks time.  I will use this blog as a reference and share the progress we are making on at least a weekly basis. 

While this is a list of things we can do to feel like we are making progress back towards the balance we all crave, it will take so much more I know.  It will be mental and emotional, as much as all the things I can make a list of (oh how I love lists…LOL).  The list will just keep me accountable to me.  And to you guys too…’s okay to remind me of what I am not getting done, I give you ALL permission.  And if you have some ideas for me, ways to make things happen, or even just a thought and a prayer, they are appreciated and welcomed.

We will find it….that balance….again.  It will not come easy, and putting Mito back in it’s box will be a challenge.  The rewards though, Oh My!!!!!

Thanks for taking the ride with us!!!

An update on the kids before I leave you all for today…..

Our appointment with the pediatrician two weeks ago for Madison to follow up on her ER visit on 12/30 was a little more than I had expected.  While she was definitely better and getting over the “plague” (as I have taken to calling this nasty cold we had all had), when she was examined it was discovered that she had a double ear infection.  So even though we were only 7 days off the Laveaquin she’d taken for the Mycoplasma Infection she has, and was completely asymptomatic (which is usual for her), the ear infection broke through (UGH).  10 more days of antibiotics were prescribed, as well as 7 days of ear drop antibiotics, and a return visit to check and see how her ears look in a couple of weeks.

Chance saw the nurse while we were there for a weight check….up 2 pounds, YEA!! And a vaccine.  So all went well there.

Before we made it out the door though we talked about Abby’s recurring head colds since October, and the suggestion that she might have a sinus infection that was making her susceptible from one of our other doctors.  The decision was made to get a CT of her sinuses and see what we were dealing with.  Thankfully we were able to go right over and get it done, and a day later I received the news that she does indeed have a chronic sinus infection!!  In her case, 21 days of antibiotics were prescribed to try and really knock this thing out.  Sincerely hoping this will be the end of the head colds for her for a while!!!

I won’t bore you with the adventure getting the antibiotics was, or how many pharmacies I had to go to, just suffice to say, we left the house at 11:30 and I didn’t get back through the front door till almost 6!!!!

Abby had a dental appointment last week to put sealants on three of her back molars…..and did awesome!!!  She is my nervous kiddo, so it was pretty amazing to see her so relaxed!!  All thanks to our amazing, wonderful dentist no doubt!!!

Chance & Madison started Aquatic therapy last week and really did well and enjoyed it!!  Any chance to get in the water these guys like, and when it’s at an indoor pool that’s nice and warm even while there are a couple of inches of snow just outside the windows, well, it’s even better!!  Looking forward to utilizing this form of therapy a lot and really, really like the therapist!!

Finally, Chance and Madison had an appointment this last week at the wheel chair clinic.  After almost 2 years of debating how best to go about getting them both a chair for times when they are needed, that can meet their needs, isn’t to heavy for me to lift, will fit in my van, and can both be used even if I am the only one around to push, we finally made a decision and the orders are officially going in.  They are both getting Ti-Lite chairs (very similar to the one Madison has had for a while), but with power assist wheels so when there is only one pusher around, the kids can actually get themselves around easier.  Phew…’s done and I think we will be happy with the decisions when all is said and done….at least I hope we are!!  Hate making such big decisions!!

In other adventures since my last post:

We had a wonderful time at my sister’s for New Years Day!! Time with family is always such a blessing, and there really was no better way to start the year off right!!

Abby went to her final night of Night Owls, our monthly respite program that we have been a part of for TEN years!!!  I’ll admit, I teared up several times.  These people have been through it ALL with us!!! 

We spent last Saturday doing a shopping spree with the girls as a Christmas gift from my mom & sister.  Not only did we do really well and got a lot for our money, Jess and I had fun showing the girls our old stomping grounds at the Galleria.  It was a serious blast from the past!!!

Chance has gotten to go over and play music, twice now, with a friend and is really enjoying it!!  He has some mighty big plans for his band…the one still being formed…..the one that I pray daily is what he is hoping it will be.  The boy has some big dreams!!

Finally, this weekend has been, well, NICE!!  With the girls on antibiotics we have avoided any illness here for a week or so….a nice lull in the action that I am hoping continues even after the antibiotics end….so that makes us all feel better!!  We were able to be at the art party at Make A Wish on Saturday, where we were blessed to see so many of our most precious friends!!  Always does a heart good!!!  And otherwise we have just been spending time together running around doing whatever strikes us next.  It’s been a GOOD weekend, and for that I am very grateful!!

BIG hugs,
The M’s

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