Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome Abby Turns 13!!

Abby 2011
When exactly did this happen? When did you suddenly go from my little challenge of a child.......

Abby 1998

Mom & girls, 1998

with your scrunched up nose, a body always on the move, and an attitude as big as could be.....

Wish 100 2010

WISH 100 2009


To this amazing young woman who surprises me daily?

No longer my little, thrill seeking, messy Tom Boy.....

A fashionista has emerged!!
Abby 2008
Abby 2008

Present you with a challenge though, and your all over it.....

The Marksman, 2009

Urban Assault Ride 2009
Awesome Aim 2009


Some things clearly never change ☺

Wish Trip 2004

Our animal lover…..

Sophia 2010

CoCo 2008

Bestest little sister….

Sisterly love 1999
Sisters 2008

And a Loyal friend.
Kara, Seattle 2010
Sarah 2010
Tatum 2011

Even at this tender young age, you have loved and lost….

Princess Alexa
Girls, Alexa & Tatum

And continue to honor Angel Alexa.

Lemonade Stand 2009
Wearing Pink for Princess Alexa

 While you may come from one crazy family….


And can be a serious “Daddy’s Girl”….


You will ALWAYS be your Mom’s Abby-Gabby-Goobie-Girl!!

You are, my sweet, so very AWESOMESAUCE!!!!! 

Just keep being YOU!!  We love you and hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!

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