Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Blog

We wish all our friends and family peace, love and health for the New Year!!!  We have been, and continue to be, so very blessed to have you ALL in our lives.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a moment when I feel the warmth that comes when you know there are people out there lifting you in prayer and keeping you close to their hearts.  There are no words that adequately express the depth of my gratitude to you all.  We love you and are so glad you have joined us here.

Please forgive the lackluster appearance of the blog at this time.  It will, as a whole, be a work in progress, but will eventually get to where I want it to be.  For now though, I want to get started on the real reason for being here and start posting. 

What’s in a name? 

I won’t even reveal how long I have been thinking about a name for this blog.  It wasn’t on my mind constantly, but was one of those things that would slip in to my thoughts when I was looking for anything to think about other than whatever was dominating my thoughts at the time.  Most were forgotten as soon as they came to me, sometimes to my frustration!!  Other times it just wasn’t the right one.  It was too clich√©, too similar to someone else’s blog name, too random…you get the idea.  For reasons I am not even sure I can explain, it was important to me.  If I was going to embark on this new adventure, it needed to have a name that meant something to me.

When I got my IPhone in June (and finally figured out all the goodies I have on it) I realized that instead of trying to remember the different blog names that “came” to me, I could add it to a note in my phone and have it to go back to and contemplate.  There are probably a dozen or so names on that note, and I would occasionally go and read through them all just to see if something worked for me.  In the end, it was none of those names that I chose.

One day not very long ago, “Our Exceptional Life” came to me and for the first time since I started thinking about this, I felt a flutter when I said it out loud.  It FELT right!! But there were still hurdles to overcome.  Would it be available?  And really, what does the word “exceptional” literally mean?  While I knew the meaning in a general way……i.e, I can use it appropriately in a sentence….before branding the family blog with it I figured I ought to find out the dictionary meaning of it.

As you can see at the top of the page, it is defined as 1. Unusual; not typical. 2. Unusually good; outstanding.

Oh my, is that us!!!  Pretty sure anyone that knows us would agree that we are, as a whole, pretty unusual and definitely not typical…..and the kids are, without question, unusually good and outstanding.  As I read the definition, the flutter in my stomach intensified a little more.  Finally, maybe I had found the right name.  As I signed onto blogger and plugged the name in I held my breath.  With all the blogs out there, what were the odds the name I wanted would be available?

And here we are!!  The name feels right….it’s comfortable, means something to me, and is, dare I say, even a little inspiring to me!!  Considering I am still trying to figure out my purpose here, the idea of sharing the exceptional life we lead really does do something for me.

So, welcome……welcome to our exceptional life!!


  1. Heather we believe in you and your family. God continually bless' us here at Prospect Mountain with your presence. A new year yes but a great continued friendship and loving help will always be offered here. we love you guys. Bob, Teri and the whole gang (horses and volunteers of course).

  2. I love the name of your blog. It fits perfectly!


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