Saturday, June 18, 2011

Houston Part II: Extended Family

One of the many blessings that is revealing itself with the increased control over our visits to Houston is that we are not pushing as hard as we were before.  We are not generally sitting in doctor’s offices ALL day, then attempting to “squeeze” the very important fun times in.  As much as my better judgment at times would say we needed to stay in and rest, the very real need to make the fun memories too would often overpower the logical part of my brain (and heart).  With the new schedule, the fun times are not at the cost of needed rest like they were before!!  SO much better!!!

As I mentioned in my last post, Monday night we were blessed to have beds to sleep in at my Aunt and Uncles house.  We had a lovely meal, and more, we had some good quality time to visit and love on them.  Never can get too much of that!!!  They graciously fed us a lovely breakfast the next morning before we were off to start our day.

I also mentioned in the last post that I was discombobulated this trip down, and while this was mostly related to not quite knowing where we were sleeping from night to night, and unpacking and re-packing more than I ever want to again, there was one other reason I was a bit out of sorts….a good reason!!

My precious child, Madison, was planning a surprise for me for my birthday Tuesday night.  Little did I know at the time, but she’d actually been working on it since we were in Houston in April, when she found out that we would be there over my birthday again this year.  She and my precious friend, Jeanne, were working out the when’s and where’s, but it was ALL on Madison to then contact the other people she wanted to be there for my special evening.  She, quite literally, stressed herself out getting it all arranged, then dealing with the fact that we were not where we thought we would be Tuesday night!!

Madi, Jeanne, Kyla & Beth
In the end, it all worked out beautifully!!!  I was dressed from head to toe in items my precious family had gotten for me and felt like a million dollars…I was directed to get us to RMH where the meet up would take place…..and there, one by one, some of my most precious friends came through the door to help celebrate my special day!!!  They were all there to take ME…little ol me….out for a special dinner!!!

I will simply say Perry’s Steakhouse is amazing!!!!  There we met up with my cousin, and while two other people I love dearly were not able to make it, they were definitely there in spirit!!! It was an incredible evening, and I am pretty sure that had someone been looking in on our table, they would never have guessed that prior to this evening not a single one of these precious ladies had ever met before!!!  It made my heart swell seeing these people that I love, start loving on each other too.

Margie, Jeanne, Kyla & Beth

My precious Jeanne

Miss Madison put her heart and soul into this surprise and it could not have been any sweeter!!!! 

Wednesday we finally got in and settled at RMH and I started feeling a bit less out of sorts thankfully!!!  We had some down time after our appointments that morning that we took advantage of, spending some time loving on our RMH family, and then headed over to visit with Jeanne and her precious girls.  As always, we walked in their apartment and one would think we spend every day over there.  There is a comfort that we have with this family, and no matter how long it’s been since we have had the chance to see them, we just pick back up like no time has elapsed at all.  It’s perfectly lovely, and so awesomely real.  We had a wonderful time visiting with them and having dinner.

Thursday evening, we were without the boy & my mom who were both stuck at the hospital.  After finishing up our appointments and errands for the day, the girls and I were in need of a little more time with the female portion of the Andrew’s family!!  Beth & Madison were gracious enough to come back over to our part of town and have dinner with the girls and I, getting me back to the hospital for the night just in time to catch the end of game 5 of the NBA play offs with my Mavs loving son!!  Another family we are just so blessed to just mesh with in a really incredible way!!

Finally, Friday afternoon part of us were off to yet another family we have become an extension of (Madi wasn’t feeling good and stayed back with my mom)……

How incredible is it that we have this many families that we feel this kind of belonging to!!??

The Parker’s welcomed us into their home with open arms as usual, and we picked right back up where we left off last time….just so very cool.  Sean and Chance were almost immediately playing music together….we had the chance to congratulate Lauren on her graduation and give her a little token from each of us that we hope brightens her day when she sees them…..Abby & Skye were off exploring who knows what….and Teion and I were immediately in conversation about anything & everything, over glasses of wine.  We were further blessed on this occasion to meet another family that the Parker’s love, and had an amazing time getting to know them!!!

We are SO very blessed to have this amazing extended family.  I cannot imagine our time in Houston without them there.  They rejuvenate me when I need it the most…..and though we come home weary, at the same time, we come home feeling all warm & fuzzy, and so very loved.

Family….friends…..THANK YOU!!!  We love you all so very very much!!!

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  1. It was a very fun night! I was glad to meet your other friends here, they were so nice! I'm still thinking about my delicious scallops, too.

    KayTar was super jealous I got to see you guys and she didn't. Hopefully she will be in better health for the next visit!!


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