Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As is so often the case for me, it’s not MY age that makes me feel old, but the ages of those  around me.

Before kids, it was the ages of my sister and brother (5 & 7 years younger, respectively) on any given year.

Then I had children….and my friends had children….and as each of them have passed onto a “milestone” age, I FEEL it.

Somewhere in my mid 30’s, in between the milestone years for the kids, it became about the ages of the people I was spending time with.  To be expected I suppose when you go from being the youngest one in the group, to (sigh) always being one of the oldest.

This year, my oldest turns 18, middle turns 15, and my youngest has turned 13.  ALL three hitting milestone years this year.

This year, I am no longer in my “early” 40’s, and yet, I am not quite in my “mid” 40’s either. The 3rd year and 7th year in any given decade are just odd years to me.

I FEEL every moment of 43 years old too.  What that means I cannot quite explain…..and it is neither a good nor a bad thing….it just is.  But mostly, I feel very blessed.

Yep……Today I am 43.

Now, the only question is…..how many months will it take me this year to remember my age without having to think about it??


  1. Happy birthday!!! :)

    Josh lost a whole year once! He spent the year thinking he was a year younger than he was and then when his next birthday came he was unexpectedly TWO years older than he was thinking. LOL!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASS! Im not even going to admit what year I turned last month! Honestly, my mind feels young but my body, not so much. Fatigue I guess just comes with old age, or having a little boy that doesnt sleep at night!

    Hope you have something special planned with your family :)

    BTW, we wont be in town the day of the Mito picnic this year :( Im really disappointed but Jeffs vacation days from work is scheduled that week. We will be in Hawaii so I guess I shouldnt be feeling so bad! BUT I still hate to miss seeing you and the kids and of course the picnic. Especially this year since Ive met a few more families locally that I know will be there. Anyway, Ill miss you. Hugs to your kiddos (Ill always call them kiddos!) Hope the O2 is working out for them-
    Heidi & Jack.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day celebrating. :-)


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