Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Things I Love Thursday}: Dreams

Last year we had an amazing time in Seattle. While we had done all the "touristy" things the first year we were there, this year provided us the chance to see a little more of the city, which included an excursion to Alki Beach.

The 2.5 mile stretch that is Alki Beach Park is beautiful on the one side with views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and the flotilla of ferries, sailboats, steamships and other craft that ply Puget Sound waters.  And a mix of eclectic shops and people on the other side.

Chance had gone on to Camp, so the girls, Michael and I headed over to check it out.  We rented a 4 person bike to ride the length of the beach and in the process had a chance to take it all in.  It really is a fun place to visit.

Lots of pictures were WHY share these two with you?

Because in this run down, old building the four of us constructed a dream.

There would be a bike shop to make Dad happy.....and a coffee shop, with a bike motif, for the girls and I to run.  We might live there, or perhaps have a bed and breakfast of sorts.  The building sits right across the street from the beach, so the potential is there.  Can you see it too??

I love dreams.....those ideas that you have, made even better when the whole family is in on it, that are dreamy, but just real enough to wonder if it isn't something you might be able to make happen.


  1. Aww, that IS a nice dream!

  2. Love Alki Beach and West Seattle! Jon and I were in Washington for a couple of weeks in April. We were driving around in the Cascade foothills, and found Kamp Korey! How amazing! Met a guy from the front office who said he picks you all up from the airport. He says hello! And said to tell you they have a zip line now.

  3. WOW, that would be nice having you close! LOVE Alki, Senna is always trying to get me to drive her and her friends there on our (rare) sunny days! It is beautiful :) Now how real is this dream??!


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