Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Value of Nurses

This is National Nurse’s Week and I could not allow it to pass without saying a few words about the nurses in our life.

While the vast majority of the population has fleeting encounters with those in nursing, my sanity quite literally depends on the nurses that are in my life. I just glanced at the calendar to confirm that, indeed, a nurse has played a part in every single week as far back as I was willing to look. On the rare week we are not seeing one, I am most assuredly on the phone or emailing with one or more of them, attempting to deal with one thing or another.

The truth is, our nurses are almost more important than our doctors. Minimally, they are the ones I depend on the most.
No disrespect intended to the amazing doctors we have on our team….I value their expertise and knowledge more than I can say…..but without THEIR team to back them up, even the best doctor is less than.

I always say that the nurses are on the front lines. They are the face and the voice on the other end of the line that I need to depend on. I am regularly amazed at the effort they put in to taking care of my family, and cannot imagine this journey without them.

Before last summer, I was already a fan of nurses. What I saw in the ICU though, that convinced me that these amazing people really are angels walking among us.

A big thank you to all our nurses, for all you do.

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