Monday, May 13, 2013

The First Ride To Work

While he has been riding for a while now, today Michael rode all the way to work for the first time since the accident.
Starting out way too early for me!!

An incredible milestone, even more quickly than I thought possible. And let’s face it, I was unnaturally optimistic about this recovery!!

I have gone back and read that initial post I wrote, just two days into this journey, and can see in hindsight that I was WILLING him to be okay. I actually have laughed at myself a little for being so sure about things, and then amazed at how right I actually was. I wrote:

We are SO lucky......

as always, he was wearing his helmet and it no doubt saved his life.

the 150+ miles of riding every week for the last 7 years is going to make his ability to recover from this devestation possible.  I am convinced of it, even if the doctors don't seem so sure.

his bull headed stubborness and obsession with riding will make this recovery possible.  The doctors just don't know who they are dealing with yet.

we have the most amazing friends, family & work-family who are literally holding us up through this time.

The doctors just don't know who they are dealing with yet.

I do know my man.

I honestly didn’t even feel a twinge of worry as he walked out the door this morning.  Granted, it was painfully early and I was only half awake, but the truth is, I was happy to see him on his way. I prayed for safety, and prayed he would feel good as he took on this challenge, but knew in my heart of hearts, this is EXACTLY what he is supposed to be doing.

"Lucy" (short for Lucinda from Don Quixote), sitting exactly where she should be this morning

 May is National Bike Month, and this week is "Bike to Work" week. You can read more about it here......

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