Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Milestone (of the Bikey kind)

Saturday, thanks to some very special people, Michael’s new bike was handed over to start its new life in the McNair household. She is oh so pretty.

Some of those special people met the family at Dallas Bike Works to surprise the old man, and we did. In an awesome, amazing kind of way!!

A quick ride around the parking lot brought a BIG smile.

After formalities were taken care of, we were all off to the house for a little celebratory cook out!!  As I shared on FB, this here…..

THIS is how a backyard should look!!

It was a lovely evening that included a few jaunts out on the new wheels with friends….there is nothing better!!!

Sunday, a quick run to the store for some last minute things needed for the second party of the weekend (I had a Lia Sophia jewelry party), became another excuse to get out on the new wheels. He is a happy man!!

Another example of how amazing the Dallas cycling community really is. We are so blessed to know them and be a part of this group of people.

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