Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OCD, Minus the C & D (mostly)

Obsessive is defined as, “Excessive in degree or nature.”

This defines both my husband AND my son.  Not ALL the time, but the vast majority of it.  And I have a love-hate relationship with this aspect of who they are.

For years my son obsessed over bugs and animals. 

He loved them, protected them, learned all he could about them.  We went no where that he was not on the look out for one or another, and he could spot them like nothing I have ever seen. 

I vividly remember when he was being evaluated for autism, telling the therapists that if they had anything bug related in their room they should remove it or risk losing his attention all together.  One of those therapists happened to have a lady bug collection, and she removed every single one before my boy stepped in the room where the evaluation would take place.  In both instances, before he left those rooms, he managed to find a LIVE bug to fawn over…..and as soon as it was spotted, there was no chance any further evaluation would take place.

At the time, it lended itself to the autism diagnosis, but what I knew was that he is his fathers son in this respect.

Turtle Park, Hawaii 2002

Then my little boys obsession was Pokemon….then Yu-Gi-Oh!

Halloween in Hawaii 2002
.....both for far longer than the average child was interested.  Innocent enough, but not exactly something that would take him into adulthood and give him a profession.  Although, it was during Yu-Gi-Oh! that I discovered his photographic memory, and ways that I could aid his ability to retain and more easily access information, so not completely without worth.  And, it was a way that he could relate with other kids at a time when that was so very difficult for him.

Several years ago he discovered mythology and fell in love again.  He poured over information about all kinds of mythologies (interestingly not much Greek, but lots of Norse), read college level books that I, in all honesty, don’t understand at all, and given the chance to talk with someone equally obsessed and in love with mythology, he could completely hold his own.  I would stand and watch these interactions, completely lost on what they were talking about, but loving seeing him show his knowledge AND interacting….really interacting!!  Now this, while not exactly a common course of study, was something he could potentially do something with.  He came to the conclusion that he wanted to get his degree, then a master’s in Mythology and teach it at the university level.  Never being one to doubt his ability to do anything he sets his mind to (we always said he would be a scientist when he was little, and he would tell you he would be a "scientist of everything”), I was thrilled with this turn of events.  His researching ability, reading ability, retention, understanding, and so much more improved tremendously during this time.  I think it even had an impact spiritually in interesting ways.

Late last year there was a shift, and his latest obsession is music

….playing it, listening to it, and knowing a lot about it.  A LOT.  He’d love to have a band, and have it be successful. 

He’s also fascinated with all kinds of different instruments, especially those no one I know has ever heard of before.  Much like the mythology, he can tell you things you never realized you needed to know!!!  Where this particular obsession is going, is anyone’s guess, but you never can have too much music in your life right!!??

This, for the most part, my precious son comes by naturally.  His Daddy is just a wee bit obsessive too.

After 25 years together, I have been privy to more than I could possibly share here.  It’s been an adventure!!!

The latest and greatest is Bike Camping, and he embarked on a trip a few weekends ago. 

I cannot possibly describe the amount of time and thought that is put into every item that was loaded on his bike, or the time he has spent retrofitting his bike to be the way he wants it to be.  Hours and hours, experiment after experiment, that thankfully does eventually culminate in him going on the excursion. 

There are lists to be made……

And certain items we are SO glad he remembered to add on!! LOL

A daughter rooting her old Dad on…..

And not realizing just how much like her Dad she really is, down to “the foot tilt”.

It won’t stop there…..there are always improvements to be made…..but I do enjoy seeing something come together finally.

When all is said and done, as crazy making as these obsessions can be for me, particularly when both boys are in that mode, I cannot help but be fascinated by how their brains work….and sometimes, yeah sometimes, even a little envious of that kind of passion and single mindedness.


  1. Are you saying that everyone doesn't think that way?

  2. I love that last photo! Very cute.

    Josh is kind of like this...he goes through phases. Right now he's in a gardening phase and if I ever can't find him...chances are, he's outside with his plant children. LOL.


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