Wednesday, May 11, 2011

21 Days

It’s amazing how much can go on in such a small span of time.  I am (like way) behind in updating, and am not even sure where to start anymore. 

In the last 21 days we have:
Seen 12 doctors.
Had Wish Night rehearsal 2 times.
Made it to 29 doctor appointments.
Finally gotten approved for Madison’s new wheelchair and gotten it ordered (Chance’s is still pending).
Participated in 7 therapy appointments.
Gotten oxygen approved for all three.
Attended 4 meetings.
Shopped for Wish Night finery.
Spent 2 days inpatient.
Seen Chance & Abby blessed with new netbook computers.
Poked Madison 9 times (6 blood draws, 1 IV, 1 ABG, 1 vaccine).
Had 2 lab mishaps.
Spent time with our dearest friends.
Performed 14 tests.
Made some new friends (HEY KATIE!!).
Attempted to incorporate 5 medication changes.
Felt blessed to watch the girls, with their Bestie, make Best Friends Forever bears at Build A Bear workshop (love you Thing 9).
Driven to Houston 1 time, Ft. Worth 4 times.
Hung out in the ER for 1 evening, resulting in us having…..
Watched Madison hobble around on crutches for the last 3 days.
Spent 6 days in Houston.
Cherished precious time with family, celebrating 2 awesome holidays.

I am tired.  At times, BONE tired.  A LOT has been accomplished, and that makes me feel good, but it’s been a whirlwind!!  I have thankfully been able to keep things as low key as possible for Madison while she’s been recovering.  Not sure HOW I have done that, but she’s had some decent down time and is slowly but surely getting better.  Now if the poor kid could just catch a break, I would be a much happier mom.

I need to finish updating about the rest of our Houston week….I am excited to share about Chance & Abby’s awesome surprise while we were there….so want to share our Easter and Mother’s Day time with family…..and the list goes on.  Next week, things appear to calm down, and I WILL get caught back up then.

Until then though, a bit of a quickie….Madison is slowly getting better after her g-tube site infection and all that came along with it.  Just as we seemed to be catching a small break though, she managed to twist her ankle and fall (again) last Saturday and has been on crutches (which, by the way, are a scary thing for this child to be on) ever since.  We see the pediatrician on Thursday and determine whether she stays on the crutches and non weight bearing, or if we go into a walking boot, or what.  Bless her heart, walking has become a real risk to her little ankles anymore!!!

Most importantly though, we are in the countdown to Wish Night 2011 and cannot wait!!!  The kids performance is going to be amazing, with Chance in a “starring role” (that I am pretty sure will never be forgotten, or topped), and we are all (well most of us anyway) excited for another opportunity to get dressed up and play all evening!!!  More than a few things to do before this Saturday gets here, but cannot wait for it to get here!!!  This year is special, in that it is probably Chance’s last year of performing….he’s thinking more behind the scenes involvement for next year….and after 9 years of watching him up there on stage on this most special of nights, the thought that he won’t be there next year has me looking to soak in this night like never before.  I want to suck the marrow our of every moment and miss none of the amazingness!!!

As you can imagine, this means at least one of next weeks posts will be ALL about our Wish Night awesomeness!!!!

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  1. Crutches ARE tricky! And exhausting! I had knee surgery about 3 weeks before our wedding and I had to have my dress taken in at the last minute because they took more energy than walking...and the effort ate up my energy stores. LOL! Hope you guys can find a better solution for her at the pediatrician visit!

    You guys sure have been busy! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of it.


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