Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A wonderful, Awesome Kind of Surprise


Thanks to our awesome friends and family, an awesome organization, icingsmiles.org & Cakes by Teesha, and Maggiano’s Northpark, we gave Abby a wonderful, awesome kind of surprise!!!

Birthday party planning has become the bane of my existence.  I can coordinate complicated medical care for three children, educate them, make it to 100’s of appointments a year, and do all the typical day to day stuff, but ask me to plan a birthday party and I am either jinxed or just inept, and I am really not sure which it is…LOL.  Add in that while in general I consider myself a reasonably creative person, I have a real block when it comes to planning birthday parties, and well, we seem rather doomed in this arena of life.  I am seriously considering hiring out for any more in the future…LOL.  The kids deserve them & I love the idea of wonderful parties to celebrate the amazing milestone that another year is for them, so the will is there, it’s the way that’s lacking apparently.

This year happens to be a real milestone year for both Abby (turning 13) & Chance (turning 18 in July), and I have promised all three REAL parties this year.  Why oh why do I do that to myself??  LOL  Just be prepared friends….I am seriously going to tap someone to help me with the other two this year!!

Miss Abigail’s birthday, as you can see by the posts I made way back then, was actually back the end of January.  We had at least a week in Houston coming up, so we knew there would be a delay, but did actually start planning for it then.  We have had no less than three dates chosen that we were working towards and due to one illness or another, we’ve had to postpone.  I was beginning to think it was never going to happen!!!

But it DID happen this last Saturday, and it was wonderful & amazing & just as awesome as my “baby” girl is!!!!

To our friends and family who made it without a ton of notice (I am learning not to plan too far out anymore)….THANK YOU!!!  You made a special milestone for Miss Abby into something she’ll never forget.  She is still hugging me a few times a day just because, and more importantly has worn a smile constantly since then!!  YEA!!!

To icingsmiles.org and Teesha our cake designer (Cakes by Teesha)….THANK YOU!!!  Abby’s special cake was perfect, tasted amazing, and was a perfect part of an incredible evening.  Icingsmiles.org is an amazing organization that I only recently heard about.  They are a non-profit whose mission is to provide custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by life threatening illness of a child.  They understand that simple things, like a birthday cake, are luxuries to a family battling illness.  Their goal is to create a custom cake for the ill child or their sibling that will provide a temporary escape from worry and create a positive memory during a difficult time.  We cannot thank them enough to providing this cake and the amazing memories that came with it!!!!

To Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant at North Park….THANK YOU!!!  Elaine helped me plan the evening, made sure we had an awesome room with a veranda we could go out on, and our location made the party for Miss Abby super special.  It really was the perfect place for this amazing evening.

All of these people made all the difference in surprising Miss Abby with a real party, a real celebration of her awesomeness!!!!  All of these people made her mom look pretty adept at pulling off a party AND keeping the secret so she was surprised!!!  All of these people took what’s been a rough couple of years for Miss Abby in far too many ways, and erased it all to be replaced with an evening of LOVE and adoration.  Thank you seems awfully small when you realize the impact this one moment in time has….but THANK YOU all.  From the bottom of our hearts.

We did it!!  We somehow got all the plans made, picked up and delivered the cake & other party stuff (thanks to my love, my hubby), and got her to the location without her knowing what was going on!!!!

I will leave you with pictures of the people who we love and who truly made the night special….our friends and family with the birthday girl......

Abby & tatum

Sarah & Abby

Sherry, Ab & Tatum

Freddy, Ab & Michael

Abby & Kim

Memaw, Ab, Aunt Tootie & PawPaw

Grandma Dot, Ab & Pawpaw Kin
Grandma Claire, Clara Faye, Ab, Uncle David, Aunt Elizabeth, Edward, & Grandpa Jerry

Christy, Sarah & Abby

Abby & Aunt Tootie

Abby & Clara Faye

Kisses from Miss Berta

Berta & Abby
 We ended the evening with the girls releasing the balloons while making wishes.....

 We love and thank you all for making this special evening happen.


  1. What a fabulous party, for a most deserving young lady! OMG, what an amazing night! I am so glad she had wonderful friends and family to share in the celebration. The cake looks terrific and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea behind the non-profit that provided it (I'd so steal that idea and do it here, if I had any talent whatsoever in cake decorating).
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and blog about it.

  2. Awww, that is awesome! Glad she had a great birthday celebration!

    KayTar chose to release balloons at her birthday this year, too.

    I will smile all day after seeing this surprise pulled off so beautifully and beautiful Abby grinning "like a opossum" (as we said growing up in Alabama)!!!!
    By the way, you are an amazing mom!!! We all look at you in awe and pray that, as our children age, we keep your zest for life and desire to make every day special and loving!!!!

  4. I LOVE the new blog! Sweet things. Thanks for all the great pics and for the honoring of our girl! SO sad we missed the party. I am glad so many came for you!

  5. Aw! What a special party!! She looks so happy surrounded by her loved ones.


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