Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Amazing Day In Words & Pictures

Race for Wishes 2011 Team Pink

For so many reasons, I am incredibly proud of my children.  The last few months though, as we made plans for this day, a day to honor Alexa, that pride has grown & grown.  As they discussed ways to honor their friend that they miss so very much, their love for Alexa & the Aigner’s has shown so very brightly.

While I may have done much of the footwork involved, ALL that we did yesterday was their idea….their vision of honoring Alexa and giving back.  And it was AWESOME!!

Team Pink’s Fearless Leader for the Race for Wishes 2011

 My girls in all their pink….

That bandanna on Abby’s wrist has been an ever present memorial to Alexa since before we lost her.  It’s with Abby when she rides her bike for the Ride for Wishes in the fall and anytime she is doing something that requires strength.

The morning was beautiful….not too warm, not too cold with sunshine and a mild breeze.  As we sat waiting for our Team to arrive, it was hard  not to smile as I watched my kid’s in all their pinkness!!

We could not have been more excited to see the Aigner’s and share all the goodies we had for the Walk to make sure everyone knew who we were walking for…..

The Aigner's
And we were SO excited to meet the newest addition to the family, Holly. 

Little Zach & Holly

While we may not have raised the most money, or had the biggest team, this group had some serious spirit going on!!!

Race for Wishes 2011 TEAM PINK

Shortly after crossing the start line, we released our pretty pink balloons up to Alexa.  We felt her very much there in spirit!!!

Walking for Wishes….

Crossing the finish line was reason to celebrate!!!

Celebrate indeed!!!


It was something special to see Crys, Zach & Holly together….

And the reason for this morning, for this walk…..the Wish Kids….

Like last year, I needed a pic of my kiddo’s….

And our family pic for the morning…..just the way I like any picture of me, from the back….LOL

After a pit stop for lunch at Good2Go Taco, we were off to Trinity Hall Irish Pub for St. Baldrick’s!!!

St. Baldrick's 2011

 Zach & Chance “before” shot…..

Chance & Zach St. Baldrick's 2011

Team Cancer Sucks/St. Baldrick’s bling….

We were so very blessed to have an awesome group with us throughout the day!!!

The cheers were deafening as our boys got on the stage to start the process…..

And the shaving began….

Visions of the future….

We decided Chance looks like the monster from Young Frankenstein….LOL

Zach dubbed this, “business in the front, party in the back”

But what they did to Chance, well, it WILL go down in history I am sure… was THAT good!!!

The hats made the look I think….

It was at the point that the boys were sent from the stage to raise $150 to have this awesome look not be permanent…..their friends love them and they had their cash in less than 5 minutes!!!  I think the emcee was wishing she had said $300 at least!!!  LOL

The end result was, as it was last year, AWESOME!!!

Team Cancer Sucks 2011

Thanks to all that helped make this day special!!!! 

Thank you Aigner’s for giving us this chance to celebrate your little girl.

It was an amazing, incredible, awesome day!!!

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