Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phew…February is OVER

I didn’t dare mention that it was coming to an end yesterday, for fear of jinxing myself and have something happen at the last moment.

I have come to the conclusion that February is just not a good month for this family.  While there are certainly other months that stand out as yucky ones, they are not consistently messed up…..February is though.  Consistently.  How we manage to get into the trouble we do in the shortest month of the year strikes me as funny…well, maybe funny isn’t the right word for it....

February 2009 brought with it Madison being diagnosed with both Mono and a Mycoplasma infection (walking pneumonia)…..Taz, our black lab, chews up (to some extent) and swallows an entire sock that then lodges in his intestines requiring emergency surgery and vet bills the likes of none we have ever seen…..and Chance and Abby both have surgery and are inpatient for 4 days.

February 2010 we spend 12 days in Houston for medical schtuff….Madison has two surgeries (one planned, one emergency)…..and Taz blows his knee out and as we contemplate another big vet bill, manages to blow the other one out too.

February 2011 we spend 10 days in Houston for medical schtuff….Abby’s sinus infection comes roaring back (that we just treated for 21 days)….and Madison is diagnosed with Mono again.  TAZ BEHAVED HIMSELF THOUGH!!!!

At this point, that Taz didn’t get himself into trouble is a huge relief!!  I actually told the vet last year that we were contemplating bringing him to her at the beginning of February and leaving him there all month, just to be on the safe side…LOL.

But it’s over!!  We made it to March.  I can officially breath a sigh of relief that it was not any worse than it was.

Spring is coming!!  My favorite little bush out front is blooming…..

The squirrels are tormenting CoCo…..
If only there was audio so you could really appreciate this

Which leads to the neighbors giggling at me as I go outside and chase the little brazen buggers back up the tree to keep my head from exploding (again, audio would make it clear why)

The birds are making a racket…..cannot wait to see who decides to nest in one of our tree’s this year.
Blue Jay babies 2009
The one who needed help 2009

There are pictures somewhere of the Cardinal babies we had last year, but cannot find them for the life of me.  They were in the nest for a much shorter time, and provided far less drama than the Blue Jay babies did.  I always thought those Blue Jays were drama queens!!

And wondering how much stress there will be when the babies start trying to fly (you know it’s bad when your husband is calling you from work to have you go and check on them….regularly….all day long…..for days).

The AC and heat are getting an equal work out, and it’s not clear from day to day which one will be needed.  Sometimes both in the same day!!

We survived February….phew.

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