Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Mystery Continues

Answers remain elusive.

Still waiting to hear how Madison's labs look.

Sleep studies turned into daytime studies too......which means it's been a LONG 24 hours!!  We should hear what, if anything, the studies showed next week.  The girls say they slept well, and I should have...was definitely tired enough...and even had a bed to sleep in, but just didn't.  Being awoken at 6am makes for a sleepy trio!!  A bit jealous that the girls got to take naps all day!!!

Chance's cardiology appointment was a mixed bag.  The ECHO showed that his function is decreased...still just barely within the normal range, but much lower than it was in August....and that his mitral valve is regurgitating more.  Not something we were happy to see, BUT......not the answer to why he is losing weight.  The cardiologist wants to do her own measuring, just to make sure the numbers the computer was spitting out are right.

The "good" part of the appointment was that the cardiologist had some ideas on what else we need to look at and we got started on that today.  We did a chest xray and a bunch of labs, and she sent me home with a request for another test that we are hoping we might be able to get done in Dallas.  We are throwing the proverbial net out at this point....looking at endocrine possibilities, inflammatory markers, and following up on some elevated labs from November (that I didn't know about).  By next week we will either have some direction to head in......or be back at square one.

Getting tired of square one.

All appears to be a go for us to take off in the morning and head HOME!!!!!  We are all very ready.  Please pray for safe roads for us.

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