Friday, February 11, 2011

**HOME**, Good News...& Square One

The escape mission was a success!!

No calls saying "wait, don't leave town yet", the weather cooperating and giving us the window we needed, and some very cooperative kiddo's helping mom and I get packed and our room cleaned up, made for a clean escape from Houston.  Still, it wasn't until we saw the Buccee's sign in Madisonville that I allowed myself to breath a sigh of relief that we had, in fact, gotten away.  The kids were sad to say goodbye to their friends, but we were all VERY excited to get on the road towards HOME.

I suspect I could now drive the length of I-45 from Downtown Dallas to Downtown Houston with my eye's closed.  With a stop at Buccee's of course.  We have our landmarks we watch for, including some I'd rather forget but Madison insists on pointing out EVERY SINGLE TIME!!  2009 was a rough year for traveling this route for us.  First, we did it way, way too many times.  Second, we somehow managed to have some mishap on virtually every leg of the 9 trips down, whether it was a flat tire, a tornado coming through the town a half hour before we drove through, or an accident that blocked the highway and had us sitting in one spot for 2 hours, there seemed to be something almost every single time.  NOT memories I particularly hold dear, and I was pretty convinced we were jinxed.  But, as Madison so wisely noted yesterday on our trip back, while pointing out the spot where we had our first flat of that year, it was not just the spot where we had a mishap, it was also the spot where we were graciously helped by a state trooper who happened to be off duty and still made sure we were taken care of and back on the road safely.  Thanks Moo for reminding me that even in the midst of something cruddy there are blessings too.  Mom won't complain next time you point out "our spot"...LOL.

Seeing the Downtown Dallas skyline never fails to send a rush through me on these trips.  Even the short ones.  It means we are officially HOME.  Even hitting rush hour traffic as we merged onto 30 didn't phase me.....just a few more minutes and we would see our house, and more, we'd see Michael and the critters for the first time in 11 days.  JOY!!!  And it was OH so good to see the front of my see my dearest husband peak through the blinds and see us pull in with a huge smile on his see CoCo peak through and start wiggling with excitement. Love, hugs and puppy kisses ensued....followed by a quick unload of the van, unpacking of the suit cases, and finally, my butt parked on MY couch with a very happy pup laying across my lap.....BLISS!!!

So....we are home.....we slept in our own beds (the kids are still there as I type).....and now we just have to get back into our routine, whatever that may be.   Mom made it home safely too and I suspect she was never quite so happy to sleep in her own bed last night.

Now onto the good news......cardiology called this morning and after the doctor did her own measurements, Chance's heart function was only down slightly and was much better than the computer numbers were spitting out.  HUGE PHEW!!!  Just goes to show how critical it can be to have a doctor that know's her stuff like ours.  While mostly this was a small side worry, I am relieved to have the good news and not have to be concerned about this in addition to the other stuff.


The rest of the phone call was to tell me all the other testing we did was normal.  Chest xray and all the labs were cold stone normal......which is GOOD, don't get me wrong, but it does take us "back to square one".  I think I have mentioned my lack of love for square one right now.

We have, thus far in our journey been fortunate from a medical stand point, that typically the kids will "show" us something to work with.  While it can be disconcerting and worrisome to have abnormal test results for sure, the reality is that it gives us clues to what we need to do to help them.  Without them, we cannot make a plan or know what to do.  Being in the dark is not a good place to be ALL the time, and thats a bit how I am feeling right now.  For both Chance & Madison.  Love me some normal labs when all is going well......not so much when we need to know whats going on.

So....sigh.....back to the drawing board.

We do have one more test cardiology recommended we get done, so I have to work on how to make that happen here if possible, or there when we go back next.  Otherwise, I really don't know what the next step is with Chance.  I will email all the docs involved at this point and see what they think and maybe a new direction will define itself.  I am hoping we can get in with the pediatrician next week and get her help in the next step with both kiddo's.....AND see if my hunch is right and Abby has another sinus infection.  It's just a good thing our pediatrician loves us!!!  LOL

Square One it least being HOME and at square one is better for my psych  :-)

Thanks for the prayers for safe travels, and for the continued prayers that we WILL at some point figure these kiddo's out!!

BIG hugs

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