Thursday, August 1, 2013

And So It Begins: McNair Kid's Camp Fund 2013

Thanks to the generous support of friends and family, we began our journey to Camp Korey Friday evening!! We continue to need your help, if you can. See the end of this post for further information.

Thankfully, Madison's reaction to the anesthesia on Wednesday came under control; all the packing and running around to collect supplies happened; and all the phone calls to ensure everything was in place on the other end of this journey were made. We were off to the airport and ready to be in Seattle!!

Mother Nature had a few plans of her own, and our flight to Seattle took a detour. From a planned stop in Albuquerque, to Lubbock, TX for refueling, and back to Albuquerque where we then had to wait for a new crew before heading on to our destination.  We were scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 10:00pm Friday, but didn't actually arrive until 3:00am Saturday!! Twelve hours from arriving at the airport in Dallas, to leaving the airport in Seattle, made for a long, long evidenced by our leaving a bag at the McDonald's in the terminal and not realizing till we were loading our shuttle to the hotel!! Not just any bag, but our medical bag....the one with every single important thing we needed for this trip!! After a mad dash back to where it was left (with a stop at the ticket counter for a pass to get past security, and the loss of a water bottle at security), Michael was able to reassure the security person just beginning to examine the bag, that it really was ours and we needed it, badly!!

 Thankfully, all survived the adventure, and gratefully we had a day to rest before anyone was due at Camp. We needed it!!!

Sunday could not get here fast enough for Chance & Madison!! Especially Chance, who both returned to his beloved Camp Korey, but also turned 20 years old!!!

It was, as always, amazing to drive up to the front of Camp see the place we love so much. It only got better as we made our way to volunteer check in and started seeing the people we love so much. Chance and Madison could not have been happier than they were in that moment.

Abby enjoyed some time in the "only child" status that evening, and then was more than ready to get there on Monday. Arriving to cheers, and seeing the faces of the people you have not seen for a year, makes all smile pretty big. Spending the afternoon waiting to get Abby checked in was an opportunity to drink Camp Korey in again. To sit and look out over the fields, take in the beauty that is this special place, and to spend time reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones.

The afternoon ended with meeting the nurse and counselor that are assigned to Abby. We went over all her medical paperwork, and chatted about my girl, and as we were wrapping things up, Abby's nurse shared the most amazing thing....She shared that she is there this year because of our family!! I wasn't quite sure what she meant, so she went on to explain that a friend of hers, a fellow nurse who has volunteered at Camp Korey before (and whom we adore), had been asking her to volunteer for a couple of years. Last year this friend shared our blog with her, and it convinced her she needed to be a part of this years Mito Week!!! Not only is she there, but she even got one of the McNair kids to love on and take care of!! How awesome and amazing is that!!

I cannot even begin to express how much this meant to me to hear.

Each year we wonder how our time at Camp Korey could possibly be as good as the previous year....and each year it just gets better and better. This year has already proven to be no exception!!

In part because of what happened Tuesday evening.

Michael and I were asked to attend a "friend-raiser" for Camp Korey, and to share our story. It happened at an amazing historic home on top of Queen Anne Hill, and was attended by some incredible people here in Seattle....people we hope will become a part of the Camp Korey family. I shared our story, and how profoundly Camp Korey has touched our lives, and was reminded how difficult it is to find the words to convey how life changing this week in the summer has been for my children....for our family. I did my best, and it seemed to have been well received. It was SUCH an honor to have this chance to give back, just a little, to this place we love so much. I hope we have a chance to do even more in the future!!

We have received a random text here and there from Chance & Madi, and there were pictures posted on Facebook of what appeared to be another totally messy food fight today!! Promise to share pictures when we get home!! We cannot wait to see them all on Friday and hear all about their week!!!

We still need your help to make this life changing time possible. We are about $575 from our goal amount, and desperately need to raise this money if at all possible. I am extending the fundraising time, and I am so sorry to have to continue asking. We are so incredibly grateful for the amazing support so many have already shown. Any amount is helpful, and it adds up quickly.

Donations can be made at or by clicking the link at the top right of this blog. If you prefer to send us the donation directly, please contact me at and I will get our address to you.

Again, thank you. More updates to come!!!

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