Tuesday, August 6, 2013

25 Years of Wedded Bliss

Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life. You truly complete me.

Twenty five years ago on this day, I married the man I love. We were so young, and already facing such incredible trials, and yet, somehow we just knew this was what was meant to be. We knew that we grew stronger each day, together.

I remember the day far too vividly for it to have been so long ago. I remember it being the most amazing day of my life, even if it wasn't perfect, and even though you were sick. So very sick. I remember the flowers, the dresses, the people we love that were there for us. I remember the contingency plans "just in case", and how determined you were that it happen on this day, come hell or high water. I remember how grateful I was to have it official; how grateful I was to be your wife.

While certainly not the textbook perfect wedding, we never have done anything in the typical fashion, have we? All the parts that were important, were there.

I remember the early days, just you and I. We quickly became a pretty invincible team!!  We each grew into stronger people, independently & together. We faltered sometimes, and struggled, but we fought our way back to each other every time. It was together that we were strong, and capable, and whole.

I remember the dreams we had of having a family. Long talks about what our family would be like, what we wanted to share and teach our children, how we envisioned this life we saw in the future. And I remember the heartache of those early years, and how we supported each other through each and every one of them.

We have created an amazing family....far more amazing than we could have possibly hoped for. Way better than any dream we had....more complete than we could have envisioned. We have lived life more intensely, and more fully, than most, and we have never lost sight of each other.

It has never been easy, but it has always been worth it.

Last year, I faced the idea of a life without you in it. I was forced to contemplate how it all might look; how we would survive it. I realized that the strength you and I had built together would sustain us, but that I really, really need you. You always have my back, and I always have yours....and this is why we are so damn good together.

I love you.....to the depths of my soul....always and forever.
Thank you for loving me, flawed as I am, so completely.

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  1. Beautiful! Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! ;)


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