Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bullet Points & Random Pictures

There is so very much going on over here, which calls for a bullet point post.

And random pictures.

Of course.

Love this girl
*A week in Houston in May to see the kid’s medical team there (some of whom we had not seen in person in more than a year because of our “excitement” here last year) = long appointments, too much information shared, more changes to care than one can imagine (we are STILL working on making some of the changes happen), and precious time with friends.
With our special friend, Cayde (new lungs!!)

*My trip to the Mito Symposium went really well. I have a partially written post I hope to get posted soon. Lots of information, awesome people, and a few days in California is note worthy.

Pool time
Pretty girl

My birthday with the Fam

*We have now tried to remove the MicKey peg tube (feeding tube the surgeon put in after Madison’s surgery) TWICE and cannot get the stupid thing out. This last attempt resulted in…..wait for it……another stinking abscess. Another stinking abscess = Madi will be going under anesthesia next week for an endoscopy so they can remove the tube and explore her g-tube tract looking for another fistula…..on Wednesday….four days before we leave for Seattle/Camp Korey. Nah….I am not stressed about that AT ALL!!

Father Day
Good2Go Tacos...mmmm

*We had some precious friends come up from Houston and stay with us for the 4th of July weekend…..and had an amazing, awesome, wonderful time.
Fireworks at Fair Park

*My precious grandmother developed some issues and ended up inpatient on the 1st of July. Two hospitals & a skilled nursing facility later, she is settling in not far from my home, and is recovering like a CHAMP!! It was a stressful, busy couple of weeks while we got her back to better health, but she is improving daily and we are looking forward to having her closer by.

What a black labrador amuses himself with, apparently

*I apologized to Abby for being gone so much lately (time at the hospital with Memaw) and she responded with, “It’s okay mom, the hospital is just what we do in the summer.” Ugh. It was a gut check for me, but she truly meant it as reassuring.

My son was called for Jury Duty today!!!

*Prep for Seattle has been slowly, but surely, happening. The McNair Kid’s Camp Fund post will go up sometime later today!!!

Look at that…..back to busy and “normal”.

Did last summer really happen????????

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