Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{McNair Normal}

Blessedly, 128 days since we “hit the reset button”, we are starting to really feel “normal” again. 

I shared this with a dear friend the other day and his response was so perfect…..”McNair normal maybe…….but at least it’s not “crazy a$$ McNair normal.””


We have officially completed all our initial follow up visits with the doctors Michael now has on his roster, and are starting to do final follow ups with a few of them. I will be glad to take a few off my list!!  Not because we didn’t like every single one of them (we really did amazingly), but because it gets us one step closer to where we were before.  The Vascular surgeon, Neuropsychologist, and ENT have all signed off at this point, and we have at least one more that should sign off by the end of this month. 

Four months since that life changing day and here we sit, feeling pretty dang normal….for us at least.

Today I dropped my precious husband off at work for the first time.  While still a little ways from being ready for full time, that I watched him walk in the door of his building, knowing he was ready and able to go back finally, well, it was amazing. Nothing short of a miracle.

Every once in a while it hits me……something will trigger the realization of where we have been and how far we have come.  How we have defied the odds….over and over again.  How blessed we are that Michael is still with us; that he is not in constant pain; that he is walking and talking; that he has recovered both physically and mentally so quickly; that we have amazing friends and family that have supported us; that he has an incredible employer that has waited for him and done so much more; that the kids are okay (mentally and physically); that we have exceptionally good health insurance;  and the list goes on and on. 

Clearly, there is something more here we are meant to do.

We are in the midst of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, and considering “McNair Normal” is usually quite wrapped up in all things Mito, it too is a return to our normal.  We are all doing our part to spread awareness of the disease that is so very much a part of our lives.  As I have said before, while mito is a part of who we are, it does not define us. However, Chronic Badass is not such a bad way to be defined, huh??!!

Take a moment and learn more…


  1. Y E S !!!!! Thrilled to hear this. So proud, and honestly, NOT SURPRISED! Because you guys went into this prepared for battle! You are warriors who are used to defying the odds!
    Rock on, McNairs!
    Candi Summers

  2. We thank the Lord and applaud you, McNairs, at the same time!Love you! Claire


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