Friday, September 30, 2011

Wrapping up….Mito Fact A Day: Day 15-30

As sometimes happens, my direction this month changed a bit as it progressed, and at some point I got away from doing my “Fact A Day” on Facebook.  However, having already compiled the list, it made sense to finish this month with the rest of them.

15.  When Mitochondrial Disease comes into your life, everything changes.

16. Mitochondrial Disease is often an “invisible disease”.

            -Good Day: Patients look fine & healthy. They have more energy and appear rested.
            -Bad Day: Patients appear tired to significantly ill.

Repeated “bad days” often leads to decompensation & difficulty returning to baseline.

17. Mitochondrial Disease is unpredictable. Day to day, hour to hour patients can develop symptoms and their stability can be threatened.

18. The first case of mitochondrial disease was diagnosed in an adult in the 1960s and in the pediatric population in the 1980s.

19.  Recent research results indicate that mitochondrial dysfunction is a large factor in degenerative disorders of aging like Diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

20. Mitochondrial Disease is nearly as common as childhood cancer.

21. There is little federal or state funding to support Mitochondrial Disease.

22. Mitochondrial Disease is generally considered a progressive, degenerative disease.

23. The mortality rate can be as high as 50% per year for the most severe forms of the disease.

24. Simple things become monumental when you have Mito.

25. Medicine and machines become a regular part of daily life for many with Mito.

26. Many Mitochondrial Disease patients go undiagnosed and, as a result, the patients and their families suffer.

27. It is precisely the combination of “newness” and diagnostic difficulty that works against the recognition of Mitochondrial Disease and finding an effective cure.

28.  Every day is a marathon for the body of an individual with Mito.

29. The consequences of Mitochondrial Disease can be devastating to those afflicted and their families.

30. There is no cure……yet.


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Just received this in my email this morning…..

Please share!!!!!

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Thank you for your continuing generosity.


Thanks again for all that have helped us raise awareness this last month!!!  We love you and appreciate your efforts more than you can know.  Each action does make a difference!!!

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